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How We Make String Portraits

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Yout precious string art
First string portrait

Thin and durable string works wonders

It’s Eco-friendly

Available Sizes

More Benefits

Direct communication with the artist

True Home Decor Artist

Paul answers you via any communication channel.

“String Art is a great way to communicate our creative energy to customers in the form of a finished piece of art.”

It’s Super Easy to Order

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Gift Certificate

A gift card with included air delivery is an easy and enjoyable way to order the string portrait at a convenient time.


The string we use is dust-repellent because of its static electrical charge. Dust is not a problem.

The last time I had such a question from someone I went to my wall, took off the portrait of my girlfriend (that hung there for 3 months without being touched), placed it through a ray of sunlight, and punched it from the bottom. I didn’t see a single dust particle.

So, rest assured, you’ll be fine, dust won’t bother you.

After your purchase, please send us the photo ASAP. (Or if you buy a ready-made item, please notify us that you don’t want to customize).

When we receive your photo, we make 50 versions, choose 3-6 viable ones and send them to you.

Then you need to choose one and respond to us, which one you like.

Then we can start production, which will take 1 – 5 days.

Delivery takes from 4 to 18 days after the end of production (the portrait is ready within 1-5 days from the moment of electronic sample confirmation). Please keep these timelines in mind when planning your gifts.

At the moment, the available size is 80×80 cm. However, very soon 60×60 and 100 * 100 cm will appear. If you need such a size, let us know, and we will implement it as soon as possible.

Framing is carried out with a jute rope stretched along the perimeter, which is a good artistic example for a round picture of such a plan. By default, we use this design. If you want to refuse it or offer your own version, let’s discuss it.

Art Lotus Studio Live is an international shipper. We deliver all over the world. There are pick-up offices in any locality.

The portrait will work out 100%. After confirming your sample via the internet, you can be sure that your portrait will be the same as you saw it. People often write that they look even better in life than through a monitor.

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Giving is a Pleasure

Have you noticed that giving is more enjoyable than receiving a gift? Provided that you like it. But how do you find the best gift that will remain a favorite one? The one that will bring joy daily for a long time?

It can be hard when it comes to finding ideas and making choices. What should I give? How to guess with the choice of things? You don’t want your gift to be thrown away or stored in a box. You want to amaze! You want to engage the imagination and raise a wave of emotions!

This objective is ideally achieved with unusual gifts. String Art portraits are just such a case. A handmade gift carries a special meaning. It shows that the time and effort was put to find something truly outstanding.

​Remember, the best gifts are personal and practical ones. Such a simple thing as a portrait always remains relevant and will remain for long memory.

You can order a portrait with a thread for any celebration:

✨ for a birthday, for a wedding, for the birth of a child, for an anniversary, an anniversary, for an angel’s day, for a housewarming;
❤ February 14 on Valentine’s Day;
👩 March 8 – International Women’s Day;
🏫 July 4 – by the Independence Day;
👪 July 8 – on the Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity;
👩‍👧 November 28 – on Mother’s Day;
🎄 Christmas;
🎁 at any time – to express gratitude, friendship, or love, just as a keepsake.

You can achieve a much greater effect if you give a gift on a typical day – such moments are especially memorable.